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Great Information

Post by ratree » Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:33 am

Thinking of visiting Burma next year - great information on this site. Thank you.

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Re: Great Information

Post by Nyinway » Sun Jul 13, 2014 12:30 am

_68495768_myanmar_map.gif (16.14 KiB) Viewed 4988 times
In pronunciation on the new name “Myanmar” (old name Burma) it is like this……….“Me and Mar”
The announcer pronounce correctly here in this video. Myan is one word and Mar is another word. “Myan” pronounce like “Mian” (where ’y’ stands for ‘i’) and Mar pronounce Mar.

Actually and truthfully, the word “Myanmar” had been used for hundreds of years and still use as in written form today. So naturally it is authentic and true word/name to this particular nation. Burma was given by the British Colonial Power because back then it is well known as “British Burma”. So it is all up to an individual taste or choice to call this particular nation for some countries call it “Burma” (mostly western nations and it is understandable) and some called it “Myanmar”. The United Nations acknowledge it as “Myanmar”................ so do I.

Here is the Map of Myanmar now officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar or RUM as short!
Capital City is "Nay-Pyi-Taw" and biggest (before it was the Capital City) City is Yangon (before it is known as Rangoon). This particular country has "many" name changes starting from the country name to cities, township, roads etc so beware (very confusing indeed)!. Constant update is needed for this nation.

Tips for Thoughts:

If you do visit “Myanmar”, do visit “Mandalay City” (second largest city in Myanmar after "Yangon"/Rangoon) not to mention it is the last Myanmar Kingdom resides in the past which includes the Mandalay Palace which so sorry it is renovated thus the authenticity on some artifacts was “disturbed” because of the lack of knowledge and understanding how authenticity works in “preserving and reserving” ancient antiques.
When you do visit Mandalay City my advice is to visit “Mandalay Hill” which is located close by the City giving a “Panoramic View” of the entire City. From there one can take shots with long range lens camera (SLR) to create awesome pictures of this once famous City (now because of Chinese influx I don’t know the exact damage done to Myanmar) of the last Kingdom of Myanmar.
The famous western writer Mr. Roger Kipling wrote "The Road to Mandalay" is base and dedicated to this last Kingdom City of MyanMar.

Another Hot Spot for Tourists................Inwa

Besides the most visited “Bagan”, “InWa” is another site to visit as top priority if one likes ancient sites of Myanmar. This town is where “Time Stood Still” for Centuries where horse carts still used today for main transportation. These horse carts are forcibly pushed out of Mandalay City where "modernization" is taking place. You will feel you are entering into a totally different era, time, space (in Inwa City) from today’s hectic and stressful world of "walls and concrete" Cities. This ancient once famous City of Myanmar is on the "other side" of the number one River...............AyeYarWaddy River, the lifeblood of Myanmar. One way it is good because it is situated or located on the other banks which one has to cross the river thus, the true authenticity is "preserved to the fullest" with the "horse cart transportation" still intact in Inwa. One can find the true and authentic Myanmar way of daily life can be seen, found in Inwa totally different from the world we know today.

A place where you don’t need MONEY to survive eco friendly ways.

Do you need water when you live next to the fresh water running river that is full of fishes or take a bath/swim? Do you need food when the river is full of fishes and the land is so fertile that you don’t need to water or even plant seeds for plants, vegetables and fruit trees are bountiful growing by them selves carried in natural way of insects, birds, wind and water by rain? In fact you don’t need “money” to “buy” things, foods etc when one can get free of charge by mother nature. Just like we get the “air” for free to breathe life into our lungs. There's no need for cars or gas to travel for horse carts do its job very well efficiently and effectively. No need for TV or corrupt advertise or politics when neighbors help, know and communicate each other with sincere attitude, empathy and kindness to one another. This place is where time stood still for centuries preserving its way of life and survival living in the world of its own self sufficient in total manner where peace, tranquility and nature rules.
In my perspective, Myanmar have many places like this one and do need to protect and preserve to the fullest possible means by “able and intelligent” rulers of Myanmar.

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Re: Great Information

Post by kasi » Tue Sep 30, 2014 1:59 pm

I am absolutely agreed with you ratree....! I am just new to forum and had great information there. travelling is my passion and I am here to shared my travel experiences and to know about your ones.

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