French conducts fossil observation in Sagaing Region

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French conducts fossil observation in Sagaing Region

Post by Saiua » Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:27 am

Jointly-organized by Myanmar and French, a combined study team conducted fossil research in the central part of the country in February this year, an expert who had observed the fossils in the tour said.

The team comprised experts from Myanmar, French and Thailand.

The 17-member study team led Professor Dr. Jergae includes three French experts and three Thai experts, four Myanmar geologists under the Ministry of Education, two archeologists, an anthropologist and four officials from Archeological Research, National Museum and Library Department under the Ministry of Culture.

“We have observed fossil’s explorations together with the experts for about 10 years. The fossils have been found out as the second time in the coal mine. We haven’t seen the human primates in the fossil exploration. But, we saw bones and molars of beings,” demonstrator Dr. Pye Phyo Kyaw of Archeological Research Department from Yangon Science and Arts University said.

The team observed the fossils in Bahin village and its neighbouring regions of Sagaing Region, coal mines and mine’s industries in Kalewa Township.

Source: Eleven

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