Archiving the lives of others

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Archiving the lives of others

Post by Saiua » Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:35 pm

A new exhibition captures an alternate visual history of Myanmar.

A new exhibition launched at the Secretariat on Sunday showcases a side of modern Myanmar that, until very recently, remained hidden in dusty attics and decaying photo albums, hidden from the country’s visual history as we know it.

“Burmese Photographers” tells a story of ordinary Burmese citizens who lived through the country’s changing styles and aesthetics over the last 120 years.

The project has been a labor of love for Lukas Birk, who set out building the archive in 2013. From meeting with antique traders, scouring through flea markets, and sifting through rubbish heaps, the Austrian-born artist has collected more than 10,000 photos that have seldom before been seen as a collection. The photos now make up the new book Burmese Photographers which also launched on Sunday.

Full story: Myanmar Times

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