Myanmar Christians

News and updates on Myanmar's ethnic internal conflicts.
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Myanmar Christians

Post by Nyinway » Sun Aug 23, 2015 12:50 am

Prayer is a communication with the ONLY one living Christian God.
This is the kind/shape of Female Fingers that I love soo much.
prayer.jpeg (68.07 KiB) Viewed 4299 times ... Jesus.aspx
I remember Myanmar Actresses and Models (and most women) wants to know what part of a woman's body a man looks at FIRST? Well, to me as the initial KING of RASU freshers, I look at the female fingers first and then look at her hair second. Those are the 2 things that "turns" me ON! After that, I look at the face and then finally the body parts. Why do I automatically looks at the fingers and hair? Because these are the characteristic of a woman's beauty that does not fade away quickly like the skin or other body parts. Of course every thing from fingers, hair, face, body shape, skin tone etc. needs to be beautiful to make a gorgeous girl/female. So the girl/female in the picture "turns" me on? Yes indeed, because as I had mention earlier, her fingers is the type of fingers I loved soo much and then the hair? Yes, her hair also fits perfectly in my type of liking (Straight, Soft and Long). I wish I can find out who that girl in the picture is for I do falls for her just by looking at this particular picture not to mention she is a CHRISTIAN (a necessity for me)
Look at the picture carefully. What did the public see? Christians do not need statues and bricks to bow down. Man or Woman make objects not needed in Christian worship. The Buddhists destroys the Christian Churches. What are Churches by the way? They are just buildings isn’t it? What are building made for? Building are made for gathering and to protect from sun and rain. That’s all. The Buddhists doesn’t understand that so they destroy the Churches and think Christians cannot worship their God. Far from it. Christians worship their God “through the heart and mind and does not need any statue or buildings for Christian God lives and is everywhere so as long as Christians have hearts, they CAN talk DIRECTLY (actually Christians do not need Monks or even Pastors or Reverends to talk to God) to God almighty”. As for the Buddhists they need an image with gold leafs stick to the bricks and bow down to this brick thinking this statue is Buddha. What a fool!
Bricks are bricks, they are NOT alive or human and yet the Buddhists think this statue is their Lord Buddha and they decorate this image with lights, flowers etc. This is NOT Buddha but a brick make in the image of Buddha. That’s all, nothing more nothing less. Self delusion is all the Buddhists are doing.
The picture itself tells a thousand words. The girl is meditating and talking to Christian God directly. From the heart she can pray and is praying, does she not? Where are any statues or buildings? Even in dining room table Christians mostly pray to God for thankfulness for giving the daily food for energy. Right? So how can the Buddhists separate the Christians from their God when they can pray or speak to their God, anytime, anywhere and anyplace. How? Fools do not understand that. How can a human heart be separated from what the heart feels or believe. How? Tell me please. Heart belongs to a person and it is so private and personal that only the person whose heart belongs to knows. Understand? The world knows Burmese Buddhists Generals are idiots where mostly are ignorants, lack of knowledge living in backwardness (Bandoola era).
Communist China is now turning towards Christianity for the intellectual Chinese knew very well Christianity fits well into modern scientific technological prowess and ALL Asian culture and religion including Buddhism does not fit and had conflict with modern society. China is quickly becoming a Rising Christian Nation in Asia where there are 100 million Christians now and multiplying quickly with 7% growth rate annually. ... ars-37903/ It is estimated by the middle of this Century, there will be 600 million Christians in China.
The little cross she is holding is just a symbol representing how Jesus died on the cross for REDEMPTION. Do you understand what REDEMPTION is? It is like "giving in return of something". In this cross case, Jesus gave his life (on the cross) to save the believers who believe in him and his father Christian God. One thing I am so happy being a Christian is that I am saved. Saved by whom? By Jesus REDEMPTION on the cross. That is why I am so happy and secure for I know I am saved even when I die. This was insure by Jesus for Jesus said, "those who believe in HIM shall not perished but has ever lasting LIFE" and I believe it whole heartedly without any shadow of doubt. Case Closed!!!

This is what I did when I was 12 years old at Kanbe Baptist Church, Yangon, Myanmar. ... union_day/
Long Live THE UNION !!!
Mission for Myanmar.

My Eternal Hero
Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC)
MBC Logo
mbclogo.jpg (29.33 KiB) Viewed 4295 times
What goes around, comes around. ... -plus-Iraq ... -on-camera ... 33249.html ... /31419.htm
Just as Burmese Buddhists discriminate the Christians and the rest minorities, discrimination is what the Burmese Buddhists face in other countries when they travel or work abroad. Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia or Bangladesh (Muslim countries) discriminate the Burmese Buddhists and some countries even go far as put the Buddhists as “slaves” or even death in shallow mass graves. What the Buddhists do to the Christians, the Buddhists themselves suffer in death and cruelty. As soon as the Burmese Buddhists left Burma there is no security for them. Even another Buddhist country like Thailand (Thais) discriminates them and threat the Burmese very bad. That is why I said, what goes around, comes back to them in even deadlier ways. Jesus said "those who live by the sword, will die by the sword" therefore, those who practice discrimination, discrimination will they face. Make sense? ... ions-ahead

Christians under attack by Buddhists in Burma. ... sion_first ... p?id=53666 ... d-out.html

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Re: Myanmar Christians

Post by Nyinway » Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:50 pm

Christian God has his plans on Myanmar.
kachin sister.jpg
Christian Girl in Myanmar.
kachin sister.jpg (26.32 KiB) Viewed 4182 times ... stupa.html
I am fully confident my God has his plans on Myanmar. As Myanmar developed into FULL MATURITY, Christianity will flourish in Myanmar. It already took 53 years (1962 - 2015) and it will take another 53 years but slowly but surely Christianity will flourish in Myanmar just as it is in Communist China now. China too will have 600 million Christians by the middle of this Century for China’s intellectuals are turning towards Christianity, the ONLY religion on Earth that is align and reflects with high and advance Technology and Science.
Buddhism encroachment on Christianity is going to stop and this insult and violation of religious freedom starts to recedes as Myanmar moves to Universal True Democratic Principles to become modern mature nation............................Pioneer Zinyaw.
My advice……Christian Journals/Newspapers should be published widely in Myanmar as Media Freedom progress in Myanmar.
Science “comes” to Christianity and not the other way around. The advancement of science reveals more of Christianity. The more science develops, the more it finds the hidden meanings of Christians’ Holy Bible. The encoded words, phrases, sentences etc are written for science to discover and reveal. The effects and efficiency of human’s brain that was created by Christian God has the potential to learn and look for the truth. What is the truth? Truth is an unchanging and uncompromising actual event that had happened, is happening and will happen in the future. The WISDOM of Christian God is Omnipresence, Omnipotent and Omniscience. The Alpha & The Omega, The Beginning & The End and everything in between. The high and advance intellect was spawn in the Brains of human endeavor for as humans search for the truth, one finds the “nearness” of Our God. Science and Technology is advancing in a very fast pace and so is the intelligence of human’s brain.
Myanmar's new National Flag itself had "hidden" meanings as I had said many times. The Tri Colors (Christmas Colors) and the white big star in the middle blending Tri (3) colors of Red, Green and Yellow and of course the obvious Jesus Birth Symbolic Star that leads the 3 Wise Men from Asia to his birth place.
Myanmar National Flag.
burmaflag1.jpg (7.96 KiB) Viewed 4169 times

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Re: Myanmar Christians

Post by Nyinway » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:00 am

Damming Rivers are NOT the only way to find electricity. Myanmar should know and understand about this. There are cleaner, better and wiser ways to get electricity in this 21st Century technology. Don’t shackled in the past and stick to 20th Century technology when we are indeed and in reality in 21st Century. Yangon down town gridlock and air pollution is unbearable because of lack of understanding and ignorance.
Kachins has every right to have equal opportunity/rights as Burman/Burmese for they are one of the founders of the Union. ... story.html ... n-win.html

True and genuine democracy has 4 FUNDAMENTAL Freedoms.
1) Freedom of Religion
2) Freedom of Expression
3) Freedom from want
4) Freedom from fear

All these 4 freedoms are intertwine with each other and any one missing freedom destroys entire true and genuine democracy.
Is Myanmar conducting/practicing True & Genuine Democracy or a fake one ?

If I had it my way, I will build the largest (in South East Asia) and most modern International Standard Airport near Myitkyina, Kachin State in Northern Myanmar. Myanmar needs at least 2 International Standard modern Airports, one in the North (near Myitkyina) and one in the South (near Bago/Hanthawaddy International Airport) making the HUB of Air Travelling in South and South East Asia Region.

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