Areas of southern Burma shown on Google Earth

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Areas of southern Burma shown on Google Earth

Post by Poi » Wed Aug 10, 2016 8:45 am

An eight-year mapping project designed to produce a comprehensive national map system, called “One Map Myanmar,” is planning to launch activities in Burma’s southern regions of Pegu, Tenasserism and Mon State.

According to the Land Core Group, a consortium of pro-poor land reform actors, the project will be implemented in cooperation with 25 union-level ministries including Forestry, Land Record, and Farmland Management.

“Accurate land mapping is very important to determine the exact number of acres of farms and rubber plantations and vacant land, along with which land is best suited for what vegetation and what is permissible on different tracts. For example, if the land survey for a proposed project was conducted only by the project shareholders and presented to the government, this could cause problems. But if we have the maps already, state governments are better able to grant approval for projects based on accurate information,” said Dr. Min Kyi Win, Mon State’s Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation.

The minister explained that, at the moment, maps used by the Forestry Department are different from those used by the Land Measurement Record Department. The need for reliable, up-to-date, widely accessible maps used across departments has resulted in the government’s cooperation with the One Map Myanmar project, he said.

Full story: BNI

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