Industrious Myeik: Gateway to an island paradise

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Industrious Myeik: Gateway to an island paradise

Post by Admin » Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:43 pm

Long neglected under the military regime, Myeik seduces the first tourists to find their way here.

Between the picturesque islands of Pahtaw and Pahtete, opposite the seafront of Myeik, there is a soft-shell crab farm. Its products can be enjoyed at nearby Yadanaoo restaurant, along with a wide variety of other seafood from the region.

Still on seafood, take a look at the lobster farm, which can provide you with a three-star Michelin dinner at street prices.

And then there are the swallows’ nests. This is thought of as a Chinese delicacy, but you can find them here too. The Natural Edible Birds’ Nest House on Strand Road is a cross between a shop and a zoo, with hints of museum.

Not far from the nest farm and opposite the central market is a little alley where people are continuously coming and going, each bearing a bag or parcel of snacks. You can’t pass through Myeik without visiting the snacks stalls of the Myit Nge Market, also known as Dawei Su Market. Look out especially for the ar pone, a kind of crêpe topped with whisked egg and grated coconut. This delicacy truly melts in the mouth, and goes particularly well with sweetened tea. ... adise.html

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