Marauding elephants chase locals into the trees

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Marauding elephants chase locals into the trees

Post by Poi » Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:39 am

In a rural village in southern Burma, rampaging elephants have forced villagers to move to the trees to avoid being trampled.

The villagers of Taik Kyi, about 70km from Yangon, built the tree houses when the elephants began to move into town over a decade ago.

Now, with deforestation forcing ever more of the beasts into the area, the locals scramble nimbly up ladders into the makeshift structures whenever they visit. The children sleep in the trees every night.

U Sein Than, a local farmer, says it is about protection. “The elephants run into the houses when they are looking for food. If you go near to them, they will chase you. Even if you run in a zig-zag, the elephants will always stamp on you,” he said.

Full story: Telegraph

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