Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of 1970s

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Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of 1970s

Post by Nyinway » Wed Dec 09, 2015 2:35 am

Myanmar Females Heartthrob of 1970s
Scan_20151208 - Copy.png
THEIN TOE (Black/White) Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of the Seventies
Scan_20151208 - Copy.png (143.83 KiB) Viewed 11177 times
During that time/era, I (THEIN TOE) don't have to chase pretty girls, mostly they chase me (or) it is so easy and convenient to get acquaintance with them despite of Myanmar culture as very conservative and shyness of the girls. I was Baptized at Kanbe Baptist Church, Kyaukkone, Yankin Township, Yangon (Rangoon) City, Myanmar (Burma) when I was 12 years old and becomes a full fledge Myanmar Christian (very proud of it) believer of true God and faithful follower of Jesus Christ MY ONE AND ONLY LORD.
Some girls like my lips and said "Kissable Lips" or Sexy Lips. Some like my dark thick eyebrows. Some like my long natural eye lashes. Some like the shape of my face and so on. I hear endless good compliments from them, especially from my lovers. Number 1 attraction to females (this is from their feedback) is my tone or accent of my voice or the sound of my voice is so lovable that some said even when they got furious or angry with me (because of my playboy actions with other girls), when they hear my voice, it melted their anger and anger turns into love instead.

I recall one time/day, I had a date with one of my lovers KMN and she waits for me at a bus stop. After one and a half hour later I showed up and she was crying because she has to wait for one and a half hours at the bus stop making people stare at her, looking like a fool she said. I apologize to her and said, “my darling I’m so sorry for the late because something comes up and was delayed”. Only once do I had to tell her and her tears goes away and she was so happy to see me at least and smile once appear on her face. Her determined wait was not in vain. I thank her for her determination for waiting so long at the bus stop. She forgot the unpleasant feelings so quickly and hold my hand and off we go to somewhere. Actually, the real reason I was late was CCL another lover holding me back intentionally for she is smart and suspicious of me going to see another lover (because CCL has the morning date and KMN has the afternoon date the same day). So practically it is true when my lovers did hear my voice, especially in a low, soft sorry (repenting) mode, it does melt their hearts like ice under the hot sun. Am I that hot? Only girls will truly know that answer.
I purposely give CCL the morning date and let KMN has the afternoon date (same day because when you have multiple lovers at the same time dating is cramp up and difficult to organize) because CCL is more aggressive and radical (type) concerning with love, than KMN who is more quiet and submissive type. If I put CCL in afternoon date and in case I am late like what happened to KMN, hell will break loose so I put CCL in the morning so the dating time will be perfect thus she will have the satisfaction. As I figured, she CCL tried to withhold me and take more time so I did encounter late appearance to KMN afternoon date but was solved with ease by me (my repenting voice).

Creationists are right all along

My Top Number One Song………….Girl Crush by the “Little Big Town” Country Music Band.
I love Country Music, the authentic original American Music.

The making of girl crush
Girl Crush
Is it coincidence the band lead singer name is Karen (now they change to Kayin) Fairchild, a major tribe name in Burma (now Myanmar) which majority are Christians? This particular song is all about a woman who wants to be like another woman who take her male lover away from her meaning she wants her man back from the other more attractive woman.

Christmas Spirit:
Searching for the deep truth…………….3 wise man that look for Jesus. Actual Jesus birth date is April 17th, 6 B.C.

Divinity of number 7


She is truly something. Yes, she is one of the club (100 plus) member. She is pretty and sexy with shapely figure. Her skin is very fair in fact she is a mixture of Anglo (British blood). Actually she is the elder sister of one of my best friends (AT) who can play guitar very well. Actually he plays bass in the band. AT comes visit my house in Kyaukkone now and then and I also visit his apartment in downtown Rangoon whenever I’m at downtown. When I visit my best friend AT, I saw his sister NL who always, yes always smiles at me whenever she saw me. Her smile is like a message that she likes me. AT is very friendly with me that he even reveal to me his sis had “interest” in me. Since the brother himself is so friendly and sincere in getting hook with his sis I pursue to get her and of course I got her. I had no problem with that for his sis is sexy, pretty and shapely. Naturally, one day her (NL) and me become lovers. The chemistry between us (NL + me/TT) is great, intense and strong bondage that she also came to United States and meet me in States and make love together for some time. She is also very artistic and talented lady. She can dance (Burmese dance) very well too. Her entire family (including her brother AT) is Roman Catholic (RC for short), another Christian denomination.

Here’s another country music band………..Sugarland. Authentic Original American...........Country Music!!! ... 5&index=17

THEIN TOE Appetite & Digest

First Baby Step of Myanmar towards Religious Freedom. ... sh-holiday
US military to engage Myanmar military in a meaningful and productive way. ... ge-myanmar
Myanmar and Israel Military cooperation. ... -clarified
Unnecessary prolonging of power transfer should be cut at least 2 months (instead of 5 months’ time). ... me-quickly
Military Head back track and accept reality and truth. ... r%E2%80%99
IN this new era, the people’s choice was, is and will be clear. They want no military rulers then, now and future. It is about time to govern the nation with civility and NOT with guns. Ruling a nation at gun point is a thing of the past of uncivilized society not to mention it is illegal to humanity who has the basic right of pursuit for peace, happiness, freedom AND to choose their own destiny.
Current military chief hand pick by the head met with Aung San Suu Kyi ... od-results
Again Aung San Suu Kyi met with current Myanmar President Ex-General Thein Sein handpicked by the HEAD (or) Master Mind of military junta, then Sr. General Than Shwe.
This is great news. Tigers fight back for survival together with Conservationists and Myanmar can do more from her part in protection of wild Tigers. ... -4000-wild
2 Dictatorship nations forge together. There’s a saying birds of the same feather flocks together. ... ards-china
Did you know “Thai Airways” is banned by FAA ? ... afety-faa/

The Rise of the Right:
The entire continent of South America has now come to reverse. Leftists (Liberal)governments and political parties are turn against to Rightists (Conservative) governments and political parties by the people. Why? The reason is simple. Economy!
Capitalists’ ideology, methods and means are most popular now and the leftists’ (Liberal) creation of economic debt (socialism, communism etc.) has made nations poorer and deeper in debt. Including United States, the rightists are on the rise. I had no doubt in my mind, that the Republic United States of America (RUSA not RASU calling by me) will be conservative (rightist) again for actually United States is originally and truthfully founded as “Republic” a Super Conservative nation.
Even the most core nation of Communism, Communist China turns to Capitalism and become financially strong and vibrant because of Capitalism practices and conduct they had made the past few decades.
By the way my choice/vote for 2016 US election STILL is (hopefully) Trump-Cruz Ticket for New President and Vice President or vice versa.

Either or Neither nor:

Once Myanmar submit to the pressure of big neighbor boss, Myanmar will always, yes always be a submission nation to bigger nations like China. China the next super power? I certainly don’t think so because wait till Mr. Trump becomes the next President of USA and one will see why! ... -ties.html
In this case NLD must show it is the true party that really, truly cares for the people of Myanmar and NOT possible so called next super power of the world China. Is NLD for Myanmar people or Chinese people time will tell and will reveal their true color? I am anxiously waiting to see what NLD led government will do! ... looms.html
As for me I’m all for Myanmar people (including ethnics) and none for Chinks. U Thein Sein dodge the decisive decision and bounce the ball to the next government. Slick move I should say but in my perspective this is a tactic of sitting on the fence or wall “neither nor or either or” syndrome.
Compassion for the poor innocent natives of the Myitsone is my agenda and for greedy gobblers of chinky stuff is a no no for me! Dignity is more important than business, any kind of business big or small.
IF ever NLD favor China and ignore the natives of Myanmar, NLD reputation will be lost forever and trust will be seriously damage forever. I sincerely hope NLD will NOT be THAT stupid.
I agree 100% with U Tu Ja ... tsone.html
Let the natives go back to their original homeland. This ill-advised project MUST be cancelled.

THEIN TOE will be back!
In support of Myanmar I will use these Myanmar Airlines in connections to travel (visit) Myanmar from United States in the future. :geek: ... hts-taiwan

In search of Pretty Faces (females) of Majestic Myanmar.
There are plenty of Top Notch Gorgeous Girls around the world (in Millions) and Ukraine, Myanmar have a lot!
I call it "Target Rich" environment.

Here are my focal points of interests (and non-interests) in Magnificent Myanmar!
1) I will skip Bagan, for all there was ancient temples, stupas and pagodas and also Shwedagon Pagoda for I am NOT a Buddhist and does not believe in Buddhism not to mention I’ve been there in the past.
2) I will visit my birth place (Town/City) and its environs.
3) Will “explore” Yangon (Rangoon) where I grew up is a must while in Myanmar and like to contact/meet relatives and friends if they are still available for I lost contact with all of them!
4) Would like to visit “Myitsone” (The Confluence) in Kachin State if possible (there's a civil war going on between Kachins and Burmese).
5) Will visit beautiful beaches of Myanmar and explore beautiful places and pretty faces (females) of Majestic Myanmar both rural and urban.
6) Oh I almost forgot the most important attraction of ALL...........Myanmar Foods. I will eat them daily as much as I can EVERY single day that I am in Myanmar. Nothing else but Myanmar Foods. Ofcourse I will carry some medicine to protect me from stomach upset just in case and take shots (meaning both) BEFORE I left United States............maybe next year (2016).
As for Naypyitaw (New Capital)? it is 50/50 chance (maybe, maybe not) of visiting, like sitting on the fence scenario.
If some of my relatives or friends do know about this website, I sincerely want them to contact me through my private/personal e-mail.

As usual, just as in RASU days, the military do their thing, the politicians do their thing, the business men do their thing and I do my thing which is Romeo (Romance) in search of Juliet. I was a Romeo then, still is a Romeo now and will be a Romeo (future) WITH Juliet one shining day! Why? Because I am a MAN of CONSISTENT CONFIDENCE.
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Re: Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of 1970s

Post by Nyinway » Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:36 am

THEIN TOE Thoughts:

Marriage (between a man and a woman), the good side and the bad side:
Scan_20151216 (3) - Copy.png
ME in USA, at my Apartment just after getting married in Las Vegas. Shot taken (1989) by my newly wed wife.
Scan_20151216 (3) - Copy.png (223.47 KiB) Viewed 11028 times

Let’s start with the Good.
Getting married is good to concentrate on building a nest or many nest eggs and become rich quickly (but not all marriage creates wealth). It is good because you can have sex at almost any day/night time or at a convenient time. It is good when both female and male love each other and lives together as companionship and can face problems as a team discussing the pros and cons of problems. It is good when both man and woman have same religion or as many common likes in life. It is good because in human society it is dignified as a “married” couple and has the respect of society. These are just a few out of many good things a marriage can do to you and your spouse.

The Bad side:
First and foremost you lost your total freedom. Especially guy like me when you enjoy your life freely and independently not to mention many girls chase me and rarely I chase them in Burma. Because marriage is a bondage that get hold of you NOT to do certain things. You are NOT allow to cheat on your spouse which means you are tied just like living in a wide jail. Restrictions follow for both man and woman especially woman for they are irreparable while man can on the bases of sexual built up. You are NOT free to do like when you are as a bachelor which I deeply and remorsely felt because I enjoy and treasure freedom and independence very much. When someone cheat and had affair it is a devastated experience which no spouse man or woman wants for the empire that they are building means nothing if that happens or at least it is so disrespectful, distasteful and disgrace to the family, relatives and to the society. That is why I think “marriage” is becoming unpopular in western society where many nations are facing the rise of divorces and make things more complicated and obsolete to me at least. This is just a few out of many bad side of “marriage” for human society is advancing to a newer level of understanding and accepting.

My point:
What is the use of getting married and in the end, ends in divorce for many couples now these days. Why tie the knot when the knot had to be untied? What’s the point? Does hay fire like marriage is good for society? When untying the knot problems can be humongous and the gigantic build up had to be liquidated not to mention the children or kids are the true "victims" mentally, emotionally, physically and financially). Why go through these so called modern and civilized manner of getting married when in deed and in truth it is like building and destroying in the end? Divorce can be of many reasons that can range from infidelity to health. From financial situations to personality difference and so on.

My take:
The whole cycle of human development can re-occurred again which means, in the days of Adam and Eve or Abraham and Mary (where humans life span is more than 900 yrs), Man can have multiple wives and this is no infidelity for man but for woman because of her sexual built.
There is no such thing as “marriage” in the old old old days. Even today in places where modern civilization does not creep upon the tribes (in remote places or jungles), there is no marriage, just pure sex and enjoy. Muslims can have many wives and so are many even today’s time.
So my take is why bother? Why bother to be married and tie the knot and make yourself miserable, bondage and forfeit FREEDOM just to untied and break the knot in the end?
Yes, there are some that tied the knot for life but they are getting fewer and fewer as time goes by. I see myself there are many kids, children OUT of wedlock and that’s the truth and put burdens or difficulties to society or to ex parents that is separated for life.
Some non Christians come up to me and said “where did sons and daughters of Adam and Eve got wives and husbands”??? Are or did Adam (the first man) and Eve (the first woman) children make love or have sex between the brothers and sisters (in today’s standard is illegal or even insane?).
Well, all I can say or replied as wisely as I can is……….I said NATURE allows the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve to have children of their own because in the Bible it is mention (God allows) the humans (and all other creatures) to MULTIPLY (defending human race) thus, I entirely and categorically leave it to NATURAL INSTINCT of humans needs. Remember, human is one of the species of creatures (but highest intelligence of course) that God created on Earth. Why Earth? Because the Earth is built to support and sustain life with perfect features like the distance from the sun, the tilting axis, the electro-magnetic field that protect earth from harmful rays and so on.
Note: Today's third world war, terrorism is NOT just radicalization but also a "religion" centered problem that mostly the western society should know and understand the root cause of the problem in OUR time. This crisis is no small matter but in fact WORLD WIDE.

Sexual Revolution

Sexual Revolution is going on and happening right now around the world from Russia to Ukraine and from China to Myanmar.
The rise of sexual freedom, a new formed of 21st Century freedom that started from Adam and Eve to date. Sex is human basic needs (and human birth rights) that endures from the days of Adam and Eve, many Empires, Dictators and Democracies of many centuries. Why is sex so endurable where tanks are useless to bedroom “political correctness”.
BUT one vital thing must be on guard and that is sexual deadly diseases that accompanied with unprotected sex. I will never exchange sex with these kinds of disease for no sex or beauty in the world is worth catching deadly disease not to mention I had confidence that girls are not rare and will come to me, I mean the pretty ones.. Case closed.
It is utterly foolish to exchange a few minutes of joy with lifetime impact and even your life can be in danger. Wise, intelligent and informed mature man will never exchange this kind of foolishness.
For Romeo there is ONLY one Juliet out of Millions of pretty girls..

Love Nest in USA (after the wedding @ Chapel)
Scan_20151216 (2) - Copy.png
ME at the bed of my apartment after the wedding. Shot taken by my newly wed wife.
Scan_20151216 (2) - Copy.png (234.79 KiB) Viewed 10997 times
This is the BED where we make love passionately.

Did you know September is the most popular “birth month” of the entire year (12 months)?
Is Playboy fits for married life?

Top 3 contender nations to find Universal Juliet are…………………..
Myanmar, Ukraine and Russia (will be crown First/Champion, Second/Runner up and Third finalist accordingly).

Myanmar Juliet. ( In search of)

I don’t know for sure Playboy fits for marriage but I do know Cowboy fits for Western Culture.
My trip to Myanmar next year (2016), I might scrap the myitsone visit for this northern area is rampant with notorious Chinese businesses not to mention the fight between Kachins and Burmese is still on going where no end is in sight.
That leaves me to Beaches (not Bitches), Rangoon (Yangon) and Birth place and its environs (Buddhism shrines or temples are out of question). In Rangoon, of course the Myanmar food stalls are a must and so is RASU (now Yangon University) and its environs. I will visit them definitely.
What about “Juliet”? Well this is a must too but I leave it to “luck” to really find Myanmar Juliet.
Who will she be?
Characteristics of Myanmar Juliet (5 vital points).
1) Christian or willing to convert to Christian
2) Pretty and Gorgeous Girl (Models are fine too)
3) Age FROM 18 yrs.
4) Expert in Burmese/Myanmar food cooking/preparing/arranging (for me).
5) Trust worthy, Faithful with Empathy and Compassionate female.

That’s it!

In return…………will reward (her) with life time security and my assets including my HEART.

Ukraine Juliet coming up ! (next)
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Re: Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of 1970s

Post by Nyinway » Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:40 am

From THEINTOE @ Nyinway
Scan_20151212 - Copy.png
In front of my best friends 2 brothers house (in Kyaukkone, Yangon, Myanmar), both with sun glasses the younger bro with shoes at the front row relaxing the "hang out" together with other 2 best friends. ME (center) playing the guitar.
Scan_20151212 - Copy.png (196.92 KiB) Viewed 10953 times
In Search of 21st Century Soul Mate (Universal Juliet):

Ukraine Juliet:

1) Christian or willing to convert to Christianity.
2) Pretty and Gorgeous Girl with (must be ALL NATURAL no fake please) Blond/Blonde (or Red) hair and Blue (or Green/Hazel) Eyes.
3) Age FROM 18 years.
4) Willing to learn (if not able to speak/read/write English) American English, Ways, Culture, Lifestyle AND must be family oriented, kitchen controller, husband/Life Partner/Companion & home loving kind.
5) Trust worthy, Faithful with empathy and compassionate female.

That’s it.

In return…………will reward (her) with life time security and my assets including my HEART.


It is an uphill battle to look for a pretty Christian girl in a Buddhist country. That’s why I do not expect much success in finding a Myanmar Christian Juliet. Anyway, I’ll give it a shot and if fail ? will turn to second runner up Ukraine Juliet to take over the place of Romeo's Juliet. Exploring the possibilities (in Myanmarburma) is noble and wise I think.

Why do I seek for Miss Universal Juliet?
Here’s my answer to that!
Sung by Thomas Rhett (Country Music Singer)

I like this kind of girl……………..straight forward, frank and free!
Yes! I do. Here’s another gal’s romance.

She contact me recently (We live different States here in USA). I was shocked, stunned and surprise to hear her wonderful voice once again after all these many years (she got my mobile phone number when I sent her a Christmas card recently). Her voice never changed, she called me from her cell phone, text me, send me her beautiful sexy pictures taken just a few days back. Yes, she maintained her beauty and still is very sexy and attractive but I was the opposite because of humongous stressful life of me. Anyway, I am so happy she didn’t changed after all these years since we last met here in USA. Her Anglo fair skin is as white as ever. Her extremely beautiful sexy feminine legs is the most attractive feature. Wearing super shorts (in her pictures) reminds me of this video of American girls . She is also “Americanized” just like me. What a pair we are. Both of us (who migrate from Myanmarburma) are now fully Americanized (holding American Passports). I don’t think I can live anywhere on Earth except USA. She invites me to accompanied her if I visit Myanmarburma. I said yes and she was sooooooooooo happy she said in her text messages. She said she’ll wait for me. What a lucky guy I am. A beautiful sexy lady wanting and willing to accompanied me on this travel. Am I still the King? At this time and era? Only God knows the truth. Well one thing is true and certain......Lady Luck stands by my side and with me now not to mention my birth planet (In Burmese astrology) is Venus, the Goddess of LOVE.
Now we are planning, arranging and in process of traveling to Myanmarburma TOGETHER. Speaking of together, one of my all time favorite song is "Come Together" sung by the Beatles Band, an Anglo (British) pop music band of the 1960s.
The late John Lennon (Beatles) original and the late Michael Jackson version
Late Pop King Michael Jackson
Bootleg Beatles version

She is originally from Mandalay City thus a Mandalay Girl and I am from Rangoon/Yangon Guy. Rangoon Guy and Mandalay Girl once again REUNION in 2016. What a wonderful coincidence? What a way to start the brand new year? She is a lot younger than me at age.
This makes Rangoon and Mandalay Cities (and its environs) are 2 main attractions for us both, to visit and explore. As the Burmese culture says, Woman follows Man, Rangoon will be our headquarter and Mandalay will be the secondary but she will lead me for I haven’t visited Myanmarburma since Feb, 2001 while she visited almost once every year thus she fits for my Guide and Guardian Angel not to mention I’m willing for the “Sweet Surrender” to my Queen.

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Re: Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of 1970s

Post by Nyinway » Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:40 pm

Let's start the New Year 2016 with the REUNION (TT & NL).
Scan_20160101 - Copy.png
ME @ California Coast, USA.
Scan_20160101 - Copy.png (252.55 KiB) Viewed 10866 times
Here is ME @ California Coast (facing Pacific Ocean, the largest Ocean on Earth).
This forum will be missed because of my going abroad to Myanmar. Anyway, I’ll try with my mobile smart phone if connections possible in Rangoon or Mandalay. The hat is known s "Jungle Hat" Burmese military hat that I bought in Rangoon as "Souvenir".
Scan_20151231 - Copy.png
My Wife Scratch Out My lover's note for me taken by my Shan Girl lover (N not NL) in front of her residence in Kyaukme Town, Shan State, Myanmarburma
Scan_20151231 - Copy.png (127.66 KiB) Viewed 10866 times
This authentic picture was taken by my Shan girlfriend/lover N, in front of her house in Kyaukme town, Shan State, Myanmarburma. Her house brick fence can be seen as background of the photo taken (1981) just before I’ve got phone call from my mom who was leaving Burma to US from Rangoon. My wife scratch off my girlfriend’s hand writing for me on the top and I leave it as “as is” for evidence. The shirt I’m wearing in the picture is the shirt my Shan lover tailor it herself which she personally measured my (body) fitting by herself create this “flower silk material cloth” shirt and does fits me perfectly. Shan Girl Lover N is expert in tailoring. She made this shirt (hand made) specially for me

There are only 26 alphabet in English vocal bury and I’ve got “100 plus” (female lovers) so I had to be careful not to use same alphabet twice for it can be confusing.
Revive the New Year with my number one song (Country). One of the many versions of "Girl Crush".

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Re: Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of 1970s

Post by Nyinway » Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:07 pm

Scan_20160111 (3) - Copy.png
ME @ Las Vegas, Nevada State, USA. (Red Rock Canyon Park)
Scan_20160111 (3) - Copy.png (231.32 KiB) Viewed 10782 times
Who will be My Myanmar Juliet?........Only God knows! Even I (Romeo) does not know for sure.
The process of visiting Myanmar is in progress and the time to leave (United States) for Republic of the Union of Myanmar is not too far!
Everything is falling into its right places and the trip for us (TT/TL & NL/MMB) is very near. I’d just join the face book (1/14/2016).
My Facebook :geek:

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Re: Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of 1970s

Post by Nyinway » Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:29 am


In quest for Juliet.

Main Essentials..............
Visa requirement............done!
Vaccinations..................done! (4 shots)
Air Tickets.....................done!

Just wait for the trip to Myanmar (departure).

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Re: Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of 1970s

Post by KoKo » Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:59 am

We will look forward to your trip report.

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Re: Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of 1970s

Post by Nyinway » Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:44 am

Thanks buddies/friends. Yes, I will make a "report card" analysis. Pass or fail it all depends but I will try my best. So far before even leaving USA, since I joined the facebook on late night Jan, 14th 2016 I already had some pretty Myanmar girls lining up for competition not to mention I had my companion NL besides me (maybe all the length of my time in Myanmar). Any way those pretty girls who had phone numbers and their location too counts thus will have the best chance to see me in person and talk about intimate eternal friendship (a nice way of saying loving each other). Be back within 25 days to my hometown Las Vegas, USA. If Myanmar had strong satellite system to pick up signals I can post with my mobile in the meantime. So long folks, out I go hunt for Myanmar Juliet which means I truly need one, just one out of many potential Juliets. Sorry I go for the Quality and NOT Quantity. :geek:
Note: Do not overlook NL for she is female too N there is a potential/possibility jealousy can kick in n can spoil my attempt to pick the princess with consent of the queen.

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Re: Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of 1970s

Post by Nyinway » Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:05 am

Myanmar Visit February, 2016 coming up!

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Re: Myanmar Girls Heartthrob of 1970s

Post by Nyinway » Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:31 am

Back to Las Vegas, USA from visiting Myanmar (February 2016)

I am back home yesterday February 11th, 2016.
3 Times I had attempted to stay in Myanmar at least for 3 weeks but I failed all 3.
The first was in 1996 (19 days)
Second, February 2001 (2 weeks, reschedule return date)
Third, February 2016 (2 weeks, reschedule return date)
To my dismay, Myanmar is trying hard using all means including discrimination to make Myanmar a 100% Buddhist nation. When the Burmese military take over the country in the sixties, they claim they save the country from chaos and welded power to this day. The military said they did the right thing by staging a coup and ruled the country in many shape or form. The truth is they were wrong and Myanmar becomes a backward nation, left behind other nations which progress and advance more than Myanmar.
2 things is most convincing, Buddhism is everywhere from rural to urban. Pagodas were built without need for permission or approval from government as for Christians they MUST apply for permission to buy land and built a church if ever the government allowed which I think it is a waste of time and energy for a nation and government trying to make a country Buddhist country. Heavy restrictions are being placed upon Christians in Myanmar. In one incident, the Buddhists encroach on the Church compound and built a Pagoda INSIDE the compound of the Christian Church and insult with blatant ridiculous action and bullied the Christians to accept a Buddhist shrine inside the compound of Christian Church. Where is justice may I ask? Pagodas are being built from top of hills, waterfalls, beaches, islands (Pagodas and Chinese are everywhere). Speaking of beaches, I was planning to visit Ngwe Saung Beach but when I saw 3 Pagodas being built on the beach (on TV advertisement) I cancel my trip and decided not to visit the beach because my aim and intention is to enjoy the natural beauty and not religious statues which happened to be pagodas for I am NOT a Buddhist nor I believe in Buddhism doctrine. Speaking of Buddhism doctrine, they (Buddhist) blasted with loud speakers that can be heard miles away repeating Buddhism themes disregarding whether people like it or not, sleeping or not (they blasted night time too) which is very annoyance for non-Buddhist like me not to mention it is very rude to blast loud speakers disregard respect for people’s privacy and choice. I think the only 2 countries (in the world) that used these kinds of blasting loud speakers disregarding respect to humans is North Korea and Myanmar. Thailand is a Buddhist country too but they never blasted Buddhism theme with loud speakers and guess what, more tourists came to Thailand rather than Myanmar.
The second thing is the squatters or poor people building huts everywhere as land permitted. If the government deal one place, another place the squatters emerge. I was shock to see squatters everywhere in Yangon. Yangon is now air polluted because of old cars, narrow streets, massive numbers of cars and vendors on the sidewalks cooking foods so the smoke from the cooking and the gases from old cars (or new ones) fill the air of Yangon not to mention it is also very dusty, especially crowded traffic jammed downtown is so intense I had to wear mask whenever I left my resting place and into the streets of Yangon. This cut down the unclean air getting into my lungs. The air quality of Las Vegas is great and my lungs are used to this kind of clean air so within few days I fell sick and my nose and lungs cannot handle or used to this kind of air pollution.
Fixing Brain Drain Problem by recruiting Myanmars or ex Myanmars living, studying, experienced, knowledgeable, skilled people to help or rebuilt Myanmar to modernization.
They tries to fix the brain drain problem but in my perspective, only Buddhists goes back and Christians don’t, creating an unsolved, incompleted brain drain problem.
The present so called civilian government of Myanmar entice Myanmars that stayed, lived or work overseas in other countries to comeback and rebuilt Myanmar by their experiences, knowledge, skills etc but if you studied carefully 99% of these people who went back to Myanmar (including ex famous singers, musicians actors, actresses and so on) are all Buddhists. Christians do NOT go back (including me) for they know they do not want to be a 3rd or even 4th class citizen discriminated because of their faith and belief. The authorities think by making Myanmar a Buddhist dominated country they can achieved advance, modern nation which I think it will be wrong again just as the Burmese military said and wrong in the past. Myanmar will NEVER become a true democratic, advance and modern nation as long as they stick to Buddhism. Why?
Because Christianity religion is the only religion that is "relevant" to Science, Technology and Engineering that can built a nation of solid and firm foundation to progress in high level of Science, Technology and Engineering. China found out that and all the elite educated Chinese goes and studied Christianity in Universities and Colleges.

Change of power is on the way for NLD (Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Party) to rule but I had to wait and see the RESULTS whether NLD can or will change or let them change for better for there are many challenges NLD (Aung San Suu Kyi) is facing.

Coming Up!
Compare and Contrast between China’s new and big International Airport (Beijing where I transit plane) and United States’ second busiest (old) International Airport (Los Angeles/LAX) my exit and entering point.

A Burmese that does not belong to Burma.

Is Yangon livable? My perspective and feedback, some parts are unlivable, especially downtown area where air pollution is the highest. At least according to my standard, most of Yangon air is unhealthy and that is why most Myanmar’s (including my childhood friends) are already dead in the ground. As Myanmar’s enters their 50s, most died because of health reasons. I think air pollution cut down Myanmar’s survival in Yangon and environs.
My Queen NL and I had to part because I don’t think it is healthy (for me) to continue the journey she advise to go to Mandalay and Pyin Oo Lwin (May Myo) so I left Myanmar and cut short the visit 9 days, reschedule return date with more extra money to be paid because of my change of date while she continues with her relatives and friends in Burma to Mandalay City as previously schedule. At least we stayed in Yangon for 2 weeks and she treated me very nice and makes me happy.
I found out NL becomes a staunch Buddhist while I am a staunch Christian thus it is pretty obvious we need to separate and go our own ways. She goes her way and I go my own way. Lover or not reality kicks in so we continue to live our own way of life. Mutual respect is the word. I am so glad and relief to be back in Vegas, the Capital City of Entertainment (in the Solar System) with quality clean air. Vegas baby!!!.

Beijing International Airport.
The New Big Airport of China. Yes, it is big and new but I do not like the lay out of the building. The employees does not speak English very much. Most communications is done in Chinese language which is of course good for Chinese but for International travelers, it is a minus. It looks like they (Chinese employees including Air hostesses and crews) tries as much as possible not to speak in English but everything in Chinese. To me it is much appropriate to name the airport as Beijing Chinese or Domestic Airport instead of International. Is China trying to imposed their language as International? Or their money RMB (Chinese Money) as International currency reserve? I suspect they are. Whenever they (Chinese) speak to me in Chinese I just ignore and do or react nothing because I do NOT read, write or speak anything in Chinese therefore I do NOT understand and there is no reply or respond from me as long as they speak in Chinese. For some reasons, air traffic is not that busy, at least at the time of my presence. Transit is long walk, more time in immigration, security check (all manual/human) and long distance to boarding and confused signs. I am totally surprise to find some toilets are squatting ones. Boy!

LAX Los Angeles International Airport:
Medium size and old but the layout and design of the building is so smooth and appropriate the travelers can transit, exit or enter with ease, convenience and effortless not to mention it is timelessly modern, sufficient and equipped with advance high tech machines (Kiosks) replacing humans with machines, quicker, efficient and smoother transit for travelers. English, International language makes more easier for both domestic and international travelers. LAX still can handle busy planes traffic both take offs and landings.

Christian Intelligence

Christian Intelligence is very simple. Research, refer, study and understand the holy bible. It’s all in this unique and exceptional book. The book of all times, the book that is complete, the book that never grow old or outdated and the book that reveals of past, present and future. Since the days of Roman Empire, they tried to destroy the book and yet it multiplies and written in so many languages. Now some countries try to ban or restrict the distribution of this particular book. Myanmar included. Why? Plain n Simple. They are afraid of this book because people will know the truth and becomes clearer (in knowledge n understanding) and will choose what is better or the best for them thus their traditional beliefs will gone obsolete. As long as humans, organizations, countries disregard this book, they will never find the truth nor the answer to all the questions people want to know or understand about this world and its universe. This book can be written in plain explanation or coded with secrecy but it is all in this book. This book contains the knowledge, technology and wisdom IF explain in an appropriate way. Sometimes deep and wide in meanings and predicaments involved.

Power struggle in Myanmar is on:
How much or how far upcoming NLD government can practice and how will Daw Aung San Suu Kyi can led the country in her own way? The transfer of power is just one and a half month away and the people of Myanmar are keeping their fingers cross. The world and the people of Myanmar are watching closely of the stake of Myanmar future. President Thein Sein did not attend US led ASEAN meeting. Why? Clearly it shows the serious power struggle is on in Myanmar.
Lucky I get back home safe and sound for no one knows the unpredictable Myanmar politics. ... ornia.html

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