Myanmar Military Modernization

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Myanmar Military Modernization

Post by Nyinway » Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:11 pm

From Weak, Backward, Obsolete and Foolish 20th Century Burma Military to Strong, Advance, Modern and Smart 21st Century Myanmar Military.
Now that is my goal, aim and object.

Thais (and others) are thieves stealing fish from Myanmar waters daily. ... Itemid=384

Myanmar Navy needs to modernized with more sophisticate radar equipment to counter thieves entering Myanmar waters and breaking international laws.
I would like to create a topic concerning Myanmar Military Matters.

This is to project and forecast the future strategic sense in military terms. We all know that Myanmar is striving hard to changes of Democratic nation. What is the role of the Democratic Myanmar Military? I strongly encourage to Myanmar Military leaders to join the free and democratic forces of this world. Myanmar Military needs to be reform and modernize to modern and advance weapons. Since Myanmar has a long coast line facing the Indian Ocean, and in land mass, it is sandwich between 2 Asian Giants namely China and India, Myanmar Military needs to be strong, healthy, independent and advance at all cost. One thing good about is Myanmar is very keen on military affairs thus they are willing to spend large amount of money on military. That’s for sure. ... er.296684/
According to this Pakistani website, Myanmar military is becoming a emerging power and about to defend itself in case of warfare with foreign nations.
I know for sure Myanmar Military has a track record of ‘ultimate secrecy’ in development and achievement in military hardware and products both internal and external. At the same time US Military is ready to engage with Myanmar Military to conceal a concrete partnership and co-operation between Military to Military relationship.
I am glad for that because I love to see total bond ship between my country (USA) and my native country (RUM) in both civilian and military fields.
I think the above link from Pakistan is just a tip of an iceberg or just a glimpse of Myanmar Military build up and modernization. Concerning with military affairs Myanmar is always tight lip and secretive in nature and motion.
Myanmar Navy face book site ... 5926142568
Australia is also ready to engage with Myanmar military. ... 6560412364
Myanmar Navy website ... r/navy.htm
Here is the clear indication why Myanmar needs a strong and advance Navy (military) to counter aggression from neighboring countries. ... a-and.html
Not only Myanmar had to face Bangladesh aggressive encroachment but also Thailand, India, Malaysia and Indonesia in open waters for Myanmar has a long coastal line to defend.
I strongly suggest for Myanmar Military authorities to engage with United States for Military Build up to defend against both major nuclear powers of China and India and lesser powers of Bangladesh and Thailand for these 4 powers are immediate neighbors posing immediate threat to Myanmar Territorial boundaries of Land, Air and Sea.

Here is the clear evidence of how the Chinese had exploited Burma on account of foolish Burmese military (weak, old and outdated) leaders during their rule. ... e-dam.html

Myanmar Army in border area with India.

I love this video because here one can see clearly Myanmar Troops a rare glimpse to be seen in video for Myanmar military is very secretive and very sensitive to be shoot live camera on them and that is why it is rarely seen, especially in jungles. One thing I like about Myanmar Troops is the “Cowboy Style Hats” which we called it “Jungle Hats” in Myanmar. I like the style wear of Myanmar Troops. Very much!
When I visited Myanmar, Feb, 2001, I bought a dozen of these “Jungle Hats as Souvenirs” in Yangon City and still have today. Of course I cannot have the same kind of Hats, the soldiers are wearing but plain green (jungle/clothe) hats without the insignia attached to the Soldiers’ Hats. I did buy some patches that military personals attached to their shirts (uniforms) separately so that I can put it on my plain green all weather Jungle Hats with the LEFT side flipped up with a button. When I wear them in USA on some occasion, it makes many people’s head turn and give ‘good compliments’ like “I like your hat”. Where did you get that? And so on because it is so rare to be seen wearing the Myanmar Military Jungle Hat (with patches attached) in USA it is “outstanding” among ordinary “other” hats!
The troops are very mobile and light weighted to move swiftly just like the Mongol warriors in the past. The advantages of being very light weight is the effectiveness of moving swiftly and effortlessly thus retaining the soldier's strength and stamina.
Myanmar Military Might can be the “Checking Block” in South and South East Asia Continent.
There is no doubt Myanmar is strategically located between 2 Nuclear Powers of Asia. Instead of Myanmar fighting among themselves, Myanmar needs to build up very strong to fend off foreign forces, encroachers.

Myanmar military is busy involving in domestic politics and fighting among themselves makes it weak, outdated and foolish Armed Forces today. What needs to be done is Myanmar military needs a commoner like Genghis Khan who unite his warring factions and build into one Mongols Force and defeat not only his foes but also conquer massive land mass ever seen in history. In Myanmar terms, Myanmar military needs a commoner like Bayintnaung who not only unite warring factions but build a strong military force and conquering many vassal states building the biggest Burmese Empire ever in Burmese history.

From Weak, Foolish and Outdated Armed Forces to Strong, Smart and Advance Armed Forces of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. How to do that?
Here is the remedy to change or reform the entire Myanmar Armed Forces of 21st Century for Myanmar. In my insight Myanmar don't need to be bigger military than China or India or even Thailand. What Myanmar needs is Advance, Efficient, Effective, Swift & Strong (AEESS) Ultra Modern Military (UMM) in conjunction with "Networking Nemesis" (will explain later on that). To do that Myanmar needs leadership like Bayintnaung, a commoner who can build mighty empires wisely, efficiently and effectively. Will reveal and elaborate on that "insight" how to counter the Nuclear Power Giants and other adversaries in defending the Union and its territories. A commoner who is genius (gifted), innovative, creative and inventive. In other words, a person who is extraordinary smart and intelligent.
Strategic Location:
Myanmar sits on the Junction of South Asia and South East Asia Crossroad not to mention locked in between Asia's most powerful Nuclear Nations...........China and India. Myanmar has to be smart and intelligent to off set those adversary facts.
Will pause for now.
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Re: Myanmar Military Modernization

Post by Nyinway » Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:53 pm

Copy of myanmarrap.gif
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Networking Nemesis

Here is the Map of Militarize Myanmar containing 5 major points (in colors) and they are all over Myanmar….

1) Dark Blue = Army Base
2) Red = Navy Base
3) Green = Air Force Base
4) Orange = Missile Base
5) Light Blue = Relay (from Satellite) GPS post

First and foremost Myanmar military must abandon the tradition of Army Commander as Commander-in-Chief position (since independence from British Burma to date) by allowing Navy and Air Force Commanders to become Commander-in-Chief also. In Joint Chiefs of Staff, all 3 Commanders (Army, Navy & Air Force) take turns in becoming Commander-in-Chief position taking in Charge of Military Affairs for the Democratic Union.
Next, Myanmar must focus on “external” threat rather than “internal” threat. In other words, Myanmar military must restrain from civilian political affairs, stop fighting among Union Brothers (ethnics) and concentrate/focus on sole military affairs and military needs. Outward looking rather than Inward looking policy. Prepare and alert for fighting Foreign Forces and cease fighting and consolidate the internal various factions into ONE formidable force. Union Armed Forces must be created and enforce.

Myanmar must build new modern military bases with 3 prong strategy

1) Communication & Co-ordination
2) Information & Intelligence
3) Swift Mobility Advance Equipment

This is the Blueprint for 21st Century Myanmar Military Modernization.

Note: Missiles must be able to put "Nuclear" tip Bombs if necessary.

China’s changing borders

UN against China’s claim as “Rubbish”

Why China’s claim over South China Sea has little merit and does not constitute it belongs to China when in ancient past China land size is much much smaller than today’s borders which China annex Tibet, Uighur Nation, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria regions. This video reveals Genghis Khan (Mongols’ Leader) quest.

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Re: Myanmar Military Modernization

Post by Nyinway » Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:02 am

Man and Machines:

The most advance US tactics in conducting warfare without losing human life!….."Rise of the Drones" or UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicles or Drones). Now US can cut back man power (military personals) 1/3 without any sacrifice for security.

US capability is proven to be invincible to any forces on this planet.
The largest Attack Submarine (Nuclear Power) can run for 20 continuous years (non stop) without any refueling.

Touch & Go Tests on Modern US Aircraft Carrier prove successful thus US is in the position to Strike anytime, anything with deadly force to foes anywhere on this planet.

Military to Military Alliance:

It is not there yet but it is a lot closer and firmer now than ever before! ... id=2423170

It is about time for my country and my native country to forge eternal bond, both civilian and military in developing a lasting understanding and mutual benefit base on freedom, pursuit for happiness, justice on both peoples, governments and nations. I’ve been waiting for this precious moment of my life for decades.

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