Myanmar's Haunted Past

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Myanmar's Haunted Past

Post by Saiua » Fri Feb 19, 2016 9:44 am

We’re traveling south of our Friendship City of Mawlamyine today but the going is slow; one shares the highway in Myanmar with buses, semis, motor scooters, pedestrians and the occasional farm animal. And getting to any destination is slow because there is so much to stop and see. This is the Win Sein Taw Ya reclining Buddha near Mawlamyine, 560 feet long...inside, hundreds of chambers with life size figures depicting the life of Buddha and his most important teachings.

“Be a good person, that’s the most important one,” says travel guide Moe Tha Zur, “and believe in the next life, reincarnation. If you’re good enough you’ll be in a better life and then our main destination is to be in heaven, no more life, no more suffering.”

Full story ABC 21 Alive

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