As AsianAmerican Investor ?

News and updates on business and industry in Myanmar/Burma.
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As AsianAmerican Investor ?

Post by Nyinway » Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:43 pm

As AsianAmerican Investor?

Investor or Insider or Insighter ?
Any way it is me, the Super Selfie International (SSI)

Yes, I am technically a “foreigner” to Myanmar and yet I am also a Native of Myanmar. A Dual Position with Hybrid Mixture.

Singapore’s Investment in Myanmar (Myeik). Who knows maybe one day I will become an “investor” in Myanmar as AsianAmerican investing in native Myanmar [of course with the help of my future President Mr. Trump (2016 and beyond), Real Estate Mogul]. Who knows? Yes, Myeik will be my pick and location for my investment. Why? Because Myeik and its environs will be the top number 1 tourist destination in Myanmar.
The name of the game is LuxDream Island, a beautiful name Singapore Investment has approach. I had NOTHING against the development but EVERYTHING for environmental preservation and reservation in respect and in wisdom. ... YLiX1LOeuI
One thing I had advantage over Singapore or other foreign investors is I understand, read, write, speak Burmese well not to mention Myanmar environment is nothing new to me in fact it is my birth right nation or native nation.
Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar
Myanmar-andaman-resort-mergui-archipelago-850x467.jpg (94.93 KiB) Viewed 2677 times
Myanmar the last frontier
I had to add, when I look at the video of Singapore’s LuxDream Island Project and saw the Blue Print Plan of their development, I immediately saw well balance approach in developing and preserving simultaneously in building a design for LuxDream Island. Here is my analysis or breakdown on the plan I saw. On one side of the island is the beaches, boats and launching piers. On the other side of the island is untouched nature existence of the island virgin condition. Well, that is one of the ‘balance and wise” approach the investment group had done. The other balance designs are the limited bungalow or hotels with limited swimming pools, golf courses with the respect of the island natural surroundings. Good and brilliant design indeed.

My Take.

Myeik or Mergui will surpass and overtake Thailand’s most famous Puket Vacation Attraction. Why? Because of Myanmar’s preservation on fauna and flora not to mention the natural beauty surrounding and marine life does out pass and over take Thailand. Modernization is NOT the key, Modest (development) but extremely attractive preservation and conservation is.

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Re: As AsianAmerican Investor ?

Post by Nyinway » Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:10 am

Global Central Fund (GCF)

Who is the LEADER and BIGGEST in financial field?
The GLOBAL CENTRAL BANKS consist of 25 Central Banks of 3 major Regions namely the Americas, Asia and Europe.
US leads with the Federal Reserve which was, is and will be the dominant factor in Global Financial Field (GFF)
Wait till Real Estate Mogul like Donald Trump rules America (becomes President 2016). Not only China will “collapse” but also China will be CRUSHED for good! For Donald is NO Naïve person just a hint to say. He will definitely go for "fair" playing field eliminating get away China to pay dearly for what they did for decades of free ride. ... apse-12389
Why do people keep predicting China is going to collapse? Because China is the Super Copy Cat and does not play fair game and get away with criminal activity and that is what’s goes around will comes around to China. This is the Universal Law that China cannot, willnot escape. ... -collapse/
Mao Money is in Big Trouble
US debt to GDP ratio = 102.59% ... FDEGDQ188S
PRC debt to GDP ratio = 282% as of 2014 and will likely be bigger this year 2015. ... mic-risks/
What they (Chinese) did to Myanmar, will backfire China a Trillion Times. ... collapses/
US Federal Reserve
the-us-federal-reserve-board-building-susan-candelario.jpg (170.91 KiB) Viewed 2641 times

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Re: As AsianAmerican Investor ?

Post by Nyinway » Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:48 am

MyanMar is Back !!!

Myanmar Female Beauties are Gorgeous and Meek.

Let me put it this way. Since Myanmar return back after 50 years of absence in International Beauty Contest (Myanmar has abundance of beautiful AND meek Beauties) in 2012, I began to realize Myanmar is returning to its rightful place of uniqueness, exceptionally excellence on International stage not to mention the beauty is beyond one's imagination.
myanmar meek.jpg
Meek & Marvelous
myanmar meek.jpg (24.86 KiB) Viewed 2550 times
myanmar girl.jpeg
Myanmar Celebrity Photo
myanmar girl.jpeg (96.37 KiB) Viewed 2550 times
My choice for 2016 for President and Vice President (2 out of 3) is this 3 hopefuls. Cruz, Huckabee and Trump. All 3 have guts and very brave. That’s the kind of President US needs in 2016 not to mention we are in a war zone era. ... index.html
China Stock Market ... index.html ... 75655.html

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Re: As AsianAmerican Investor ?

Post by Nyinway » Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:44 pm

Global Giant Awakes
Scan_20151216 (6) - Copy.png
ME @ No.1 Natural Wonder of the World...Grand Canyon Backdrop USA.
Scan_20151216 (6) - Copy.png (247.11 KiB) Viewed 2242 times
America is on recovery road. The Fed Finally Fix. ... index.html
World Currency Reserve had taken the first step in a decade.
The Sting of a Bee………………The FED shows who is the BOSS in our world. ... oplead-dom
Here are the major countries that will have negative impact
Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Russia and China
Mid-East Countries got pounded too! ... ry-summary

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