Translation Brings Tales of Woe Home to Burmese

News and updates on Myanmar's ethnic internal conflicts.
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Translation Brings Tales of Woe Home to Burmese

Post by KoKo » Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:34 pm

For the last five years, the personal oral accounts of former political prisoners and refugees from Burma have existed in consolidated form for international audiences, but these tales of misery and suffering were not available to Burmese readers in their native language—until now.

With publication of a Burmese translation of the book “Nowhere to Be Home,” made possible in no small part by the demise of state censorship, narratives from survivors of Burma’s former military regime will finally be heard locally, as the translation hits bookstores inside the country this week.

Since independence in 1948, most of Burma’s ethnic areas have seen decades of war between the government and local rebel groups pressing for federalism and greater autonomy. These conflicts have killed thousands of people from ethnic minority groups and left hundreds of thousands more displaced or exiled.

Full story: Irrawaddy

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