A dilemma for Jumbo

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A dilemma for Jumbo

Post by Saiua » Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:47 am

Liberty and freedom are man’s natural desires, but like everything else liberation is complicated, as man and elephant are learning in Myanmar, or Burma as it was called for centuries. Myanmar is making its way back into the real world after sitting it out in isolation for almost a hundred years.

What was foolishly called “the Burmese road to socialism,” which kept a lovely and remarkable Southeast Asian country in penury while its neighbors blossomed and boomed, is being paved over. Unfortunately, the military dictatorship is hard to shed after generations of corrupt officers sucking out what little lifeblood there was available.

Burma, to use its traditional name, has long been associated with the elephant, that most remarkable creature of the animal kingdom. The elephant holds a mystical place in Burmese culture. Elephants can go where even the latest earthmoving equipment is useless, in the pristine teak and rosewood jungles. In earlier years much of that timber was snagged out of the forest, and then smuggled out the country, principally to Thailand, where it is turned into some of the most beautiful furniture anywhere.

Full story: Washington Times

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